Congress elects a new EHF team for next four years

The focus of the opening day of the 13th EHF Ordinary Congress in St. Wolfgang was very much on the elections for the next four year period.

The complete overview of all those elected by Congress can be found below:

Executive Committee

EHF President – Michael Wiederer (AUT)

Nominated by the Austrian Handball Federation, the EHF Secretary General – in post since 1 September 1992 – was unanimously elected as the new EHF President. His confirmation as president was greeted with a standing ovation from delegates present in the auditorium.

EHF Vice President - Predrag Boskovic (MNE)

Anrijs Brencans (LAT) withdrew from the election. Predrag Boskovic (MNE) as the only remaining candidate was confirmed as Vice President.

Treasurer – Henrik La Cour (DEN)

As the only candidate, Henrik La Cour was confirmed as EHF Treasurer,

Chairman Competitions Commission - Bozidar Djurkovic (SRB)

Ernö Kelecsenyi (SVK) withdrew his candidature. Bozidar Djurkovic (SRB), currently President of the Serbian Handball Federation, was thus confirmed by the Congress unanimously.

Chairman Methods Commission - Jerzy Eliasz (POL)

Eliasz as the only candidate was re-elected for the next four year period unanimously.

Chairman Beach Handball Commission - Ole R. Jørstad (NOR)

The first electronic vote by Congress was won by Ole R. Jørstad against Sinisa Ostoic (CRO). Jørstad continues as chairman for a further four years.

EHF Executive Committee Members - Gabriella Horvath (HUN), Stefan Lövgren (SWE) and Anrijs Brencans (LAT)

Candidates: Stephen Neilson (GBR), Gabriella Horvath (HUN), Knutur Hauksson (ISL), Eugen Saracini (KOS), Anrijs Brencans (LAT), Anneke van Zanen-Nieberg (NED), Alexandru Dedu (ROU), Marta Bon (SLO), Ernö Kelecsenyi (SVK), Stefan Lövgren (SWE).

Ahead of the election the long list had been reduced to just 10 candidates with the withdrawal of Damir Poljak (CRO), Sergey Shishkarev (RUS). Henrik La Cour (DEN) was also no longer eligible due to his election as Treasurer.

Shortly before the election, Great Britain withdrew the candidature of Stephen Neilson (GBR).

On the first vote Gabriella Horvath (HUN) and Stefan Lövgren (SWE) were elected. A tie between Anrijs Brencans (LAT) and Knutur Hauksson (ISL) on 17 votes each meant a further vote and Anrijs Brencans (LAT) won the second vote.

The EHF President, Jean Briahult, further explained to Congress that the two further positions on the EHF Executive Committee, namely the representatives of the Professional Handball Board and Women’s Handball Board would be nominated at their next meetings in December 2016.

Competitions Commission

Member Men’s Competitions - Jan Kampman (DEN) 

Jan Kampman was the only candidated and confirmed unanimously by Congress.

Women’s Competitions - Carmen Manchado (ESP)

Two candidates were up for election, Carmen Manchado (ESP) and Anton Revenko (RUS). Carmen Manchado (ESP) won by a clear majority.

Member refereeing - Dragan Nachevski (MKD) 

As the only candidate for this position, Dragan Nachevski (MKD) was confirmed unanimously.

Member club competition - via MFCH

The final member for club competitions is to be nominated by the Men’s Forum Club Handball.

Methods Commission

Methods and Coaching - Sjors Röttger (NED)

There were three candidates and Sjors Röttger (NED) was elected over Marko Sibila (SLO) and Pavol Streicher (SVK).

Education and Training - Peter Kovacs (HUN)

There were two candidates, Peter Kovacs (HUN) and Pavol Streicher (SVK) with the Hungarian retaining his position.

Youth, School Sports and Non-competitive Sports - Klaus Feldmann (GER)

Shortly before the vote, Congress were asked to approve the late nomination of Tamaz Tevzadze (GEO) but it failed to reach the 2/3rds majority required.

Spain withdrew Pablo Permuy before the election, which left a vote between Klaus Feldmann (GER), Alexandru Acsinte (ROU). 

Member Development - Pedro Sequeira (POR)

As the only candidate, the current incumbant of the postition, Pedro Sequeira, was confirmed unanimously.

A gender representative is to be nominated by the EHF Executive given that no female candidate was elected.

Beach Handball Commission

Before the start of the vote, there were a number of withdrawals of candidates: Ivan Sabovik (SVK) for Development and Promotion, Klaudiusz Sevkovic (POL), Georgios Bebetsos (GRE) for Officiating and Alex Gehrer for the Game Design and Coaching position. Hungary‘s Gabriella Horvath (HUN) was no longer a candidate due to her election to the EHF Executive Committee.

Event & Competitions - Marco Trespidi (ITA)

Marco Trespidi (ITA) was elected in the vote against Sinisa Ostoic (CRO).

Officiating - Ivan Sabovik (SVK)

The Slovakian won in the vote against Valentyn Vakula (UKR).

Game Design and Coaching - Juan Carlos Zapardiel (ESP)

As the only candidate remaining, the Spaniard was elected unanimously by Congress.

Development and Promotion - Georgios Bebetsos (GRE)

Georgios Bebetsos (GRE) retained his position with a clear majority aginst his opponent, Branislav Radisic (SRB).

A gender representative will be nominated by the Executive Committee according to the regulations.


Members - Alain Koubi (FRA) and Jutta Ehrmann (GER)

Four candidates stood for the EHF Comptrollers role with Robert Prettenthaler (AUT) and Balazs Soos (HUN) missing out on election.

Substitute - Robert Prettenthaler (AUT)

There being no other candidate Prettenthaler was re-elected. 

EHF Court of Handball (COH)

President - Panos Antoniou (CYP)

Following the withdrawal of Henk Lenaerts (NED), Panos Antoniou was confirmed by Congress as president.

Vice President - Kristian Johansen (FAR) and Henk Lenaerts (NED)

Given his election as president, Panos Antoniou was not available for this position. Switzerland withdrew Yvonne Leuthold. Kristian Johansen (FAR) and Henk Lenaerts (NED) were duely elected, beating Ioannis Karanasos (GRE).

Members - Libena Sramkova (CZE), Elena Borras Alcaraz (ESP), Urmo Sitsi (EST), Ioannis Karanasos (GRE), Yvonne Leuthold (SUI) and Viktor Konopliastyi (UKR)

José Costa (POR) lost to Viktor Konopliastyi (UKR) in a second vote having gained the same number of votes in the first round.

The following candidates were unsuccessful in their bid to join the EHF Court of Handball: Filip Soetaert (BEL), Robert Dujardin (FRA), Balazs Soos (HUN), José Costa (POR) and Mazlam Dzemailoski (SRB).

EHF Court of Appeal (COA)

President - Markus Plazer (AUT)    

As the only candidate, the vote was unanimous that Plazer should continue in the role.

Vice President - Jens Bertel Rasmussen (DEN)    

Again, the only candidate and a unanimous agreement of the Congress that the Dane should continue.

Members - Nicolae Vizitiu (MDA), Robert Czaplicki (POL), Maxim Gulevich (RUS), Milan Petronijevic (SRB), Roland Schneider (SUI).

The following candidates were unsuccessful in their bid for a place on the Court of Appeal: Philippe Gregoire (FRA), Ketevan Koberidze (GEO), Ernö Peter Szücs (HUN), Izet Gjinovci (KOS) and José Costa (POR).

EHF Court of Arbitration Council (ECC)

President - Francesco Purromuto (ITA)

As the only candidate, the Italian, Francesco Purromuto was confirmed by Congress.

Vice President - Jacques Bettenfeld (FRA), Bogdan Sojkin (POL)

Svetlana Obucina (SRB) and Janka Stasova (SVK) were unsuccessful in their bid for a place on the EHF Court of Arbitration Council.

EHF Nations Board 

Member 1 - FRA - Philippe Bana 
Member 2  DEN - Morten Stig Christensen

Member 3 (Nat. Fed. ranked 3 to 6; ESP, SWE, GER, SLO) - Mark Schober (GER)

The Spanish federation withdrew the nomination of Iker Romero before the vote and Mark Schober, Secretary General of the German federation was unanimously elected.

Member 4 (Nat. Fed. ranked 7 to 12; POL, CRO, HUN, NOR, MKD, RUS) - Marek Goralczyk (POL)

Marek Goralczyk was the only candidate and this confirmed by Congress.

Member 5 (Nat. Fed. Ranked 13 to 24; SRB, ISL, AUT, SUI, ROU, BLR, CZE, SVK, POR, NED, MNE, ISR) - Ingo Meckes (SUI)

Aleksandar Blagojevic (SRB) was beaten by Ingo Meckes (SUI) in the vote.

Member 6 (Nat. Fed. ranked 25 to 50; BIH, GRE, LTU, EST, UKR, TUR, LAT, ITA, FIN, GEO, LUX, BEL, ARM, CYP, GBR, BUL, FAR, IRL, MDA, MLT, KOS, ALB, AND, AZE, LIE, MON) - Stephen Neilson (GBR)

Stephen Neilson (GBR) will continue in the position, having beaten Ugur Kilic (TUR).

Women’s Handball Board

Member 1 (Nat. Fed. ranked 1 - 6; NOR, DEN, ROU, RUS, SWE, FRA) - Nodjialem Myaro (FRA)

Denmark withdrew Tina Fensdal and Norway withdrew Bente Aksnes before the vote. Narcisa Lecusanu (ROU) was elminated on the first round of voting, Nodjialem Myaro (FRA) then beat Ludmila Bodnieva (RUS) in the next round.

Member 2 (Nat. Fed. ranked 7 - 24; NED, HUN, GER, ESP, MNE, CRO, POL, SRB, SLO, POR, CZE, SVK, MKD, BLR, AUT, LTU, TUR, UKR) - Leonor Mallozzi (POR)

Spain withdrew Begona Fernandez before the vote. Leonor Mallozzi (POR) was the clear winner with Andrea Pordan (HUN), Marta Bon (SLO), Jelena Rakonjac (SRB) and Natalia Turchina (UKR) unsuccessful.

Member 3 (Nat. Fed. ranked 25 – 50; ISL, ITA, SUI, FIN, GRE, BUL, AZE, ISR, FAR, LAT, KOS, BIH, EST, GEO, MDA, ALB, AND, ARM, BEL, CYP, GBR, IRL, LIE, LUX, MLT, MON) - Pirje Orasson (EST)

Ketevan Koberidze (GEO) and Shqipe Bajcinca (KOS) were unsuccessful.

Additional positions

The fourth position on the Women's Handball Board will be nominated by the clubs, the fifth by the leagues and sixth by the players.

Nominations to IHF Congress

Congress confirmed the nomination of the EHF President to the IHF as Vice President. It was confirmed that further nominations, including those to the technical commissions, would be decided by the EHF Executive Committee.

At the conclusion of the opening day of the Congress, the IHF President was given the floor to give his thanks to Jean Brihault and Arne Elovsson for their contributions to the IHF Council.

Jean Brihault closed the Congress, with the second day set to resume on Friday, 18 November at 09:00 hrs.