Best wishes on the 25th anniversary of the EHF fromSPONSORS & PARTNERS

Since its creation in 2012, beIN Sports France has wanted to engage in the production and broadcasting of handball. Thanks to the good collaboration with the EHF/EHF Marketing, our network has grown year after year, showing more and more handball and European competitions in particular. Our aim for the next few years is to accompany EHF/EHF Marketing in the further development of their competitions and handball in general. The constantly improving quality of competitions and the organisation of events like in Cologne strengthen us in this choice.
beIN Sports France
I have had the privilege of working with the EHF for many years, and I have seen your organisation and your high level of professionalism develop further all the time. One thing has not changed, however: The EHF has always made me feel not just like a business partner, but also as a friend of the house. For that I am deeply grateful and I look forward to working with your fantastic team in the years to come.

Jan Rosendal, Head of Sports Rights, DR, Denmark
It is a great pleasure and honour for us to have the European Handball Federation as а reliable partner, fulfilling our commitments to prove that the handball is the No.1 sport in our country. Together we are writing new pages in the development of the national handball representation success story. I take this opportunity to thank you for encouraging and helping us to organise great global events and championships in our small country, which are of great importance for our federation and our country in general.

Zhivko Mukaetov, President, Macedonian Handball Federation
I congratulate the European Handball Federation on their 25th anniversary. Thanks to their great dedication they have been successful in bringing women’s and men’s handball to the fore in the complex sports world. Cologne unites with the EHF for the final encounters in European handball's Champions League. With its unique combination of world-class handball and entertainment, the best four teams compete in the LANXESS arena for the prestigious title. An absolute highlight in the sports calendar in the City of Cologne.

Henriette Reker, Lord Mayor of the City of Cologne
The work of the EHF and EHF Marketing has been ground-breaking over the past 25 years. European handball has entered a new era and the establishment of the VELUX EHF FINAL4 has created an event that is among the best not just in handball but throughout international sport. We, together with the LANXESS arena and the City of Cologne are proud to have contributed to this success as organisational partners.
Thomas Krämer, Owner, Stadionwelt
25 Years EHF - Congratualation for all these outstanding, emotional and suspense-packed events in indoor handball. We would like to say thank you and wish to continue the positive cooperation and fair mutual treatment, with a lot of innovative conversations.

Karin Dietschmann, Managing Director, SPORTADD
The Swiss Handball Federation congratulates the EHF to its anniversary and for 25 years of positive and precious development of handball in Europe. Impressive top-class-events as, for example, the VELUX EHF FINAL4 or the EHF EURO, as well as a wide base will always be elementary for our sport to grow. A strong partnership and a consequent cooperation between the federations will be decisive to stay on that successful path and to lead handball further into a bright future.
Ulrich Rubeli, President Swiss Handball Federation
For the past seven years JACK & JONES has enjoyed a close cooperation with EHF and the journey has been valuable and amazing. The EHF has a professional approach to our projects with the sole purpose of ensuring an optimal outcome through our sponsorship activation and communication. The EHF has been a valued partner and benchmark towards our consumers, taking the sport we love and value to a higher level. We hope this positive trend continues.
Anders Gam – Buying, Design & Identity Director at JACK & JONES
A few months ago, we celebrated the graduation of the first students to pass through the European Handball Manager (EHM) programme - a cornerstone for the sustainable development of professional handball in Europe. We congratulate the EHF not only for their recent achievements but also for all their various efforts and successes since its founding. We are all very delighted at how the first year of the EHM programme has worked out and look forward to continuing our enriching cooperation – for at least another 25 years.
Dr. Stefan Walzel, German Sport University Cologne, Head of Academic Management of “European Handball Manager” programme
We are proud partners of the EHF CL since 2004. During this period the product developed enormously - from its appearance including the overall design and media coverage as well as from the athletic and technical/tactical aspect. As a player in the CEE Insurance Markets we gain a lot of valuable synergies out of our partnership for the UNIQA brand in all regions. We are looking forward to the next steps of development of this fast, electrifying and fascinating sport and wish the EHF another 25 successful years.
Gabriela Rusu, Head of Group Marketing and Communication UNIQA Group
EHF believes in the spirit of sport and partnership, and so does WWP. The EHF’s sustainable success over 25 years consists of dedication and passion for the sport itself and professionalism in creating the most valuable platform for European handball. We salute one of our most appreciated partners and are proud to have accompanied the successful development of VELUX EHF Champions League for the past several years and for the years to come…congratulations to 25 years of paving the way for our great sport.
Philipp Radel, CEO, WWP Group
Particularly with the EHF Champions League, the EHF has succeeded in establishing a European club series that enjoys a high degree of popularity among fans, media and sponsors alike. With the FINAL4 at the end of the season, the EHF has also created an outstanding highlight in the international sporting calendar. This deserves a great deal of respect, along with the very best wishes for continued success in the coming year. Congratulations to the EHF!
Marco Klewenhagen, Executive Editor-in-Chief SPONSORs Verlags GmbH
25 years is a perfect age for handball – ready for great achievements but still young enough to gain more life and playing experiences. This year we proudly celebrate 25 years under the European Handball Federation's roof by introducing our own federation's new marketing strategy and development plans. Cheers!

Radek Bendl, President, Czech Handball Federation
The Kosovo Handball Federation is very happy to be part of the 25th EHF Anniversary. Handball, this wonderful sport, has grown fantastically and is one of the most popular sports, thanks to the nations in Europe and of course the engagement of the EHF. The EHF has made a wonderful contribution to the younger generation and we are proud to have also played our part with more than 5,000 players. We have had very positive feedback from several EHF tournaments and the IHF Emerging Nations Championship in Kosovo and hope to organise bigger events in the future. Congratulations to the EHF on its 25th Anniversary!
Eugen Saracini, President, Kosovo Handball Federation
We produce special balls for kids starting to play handball. We had the first contact with the EHF in 1994 (in its previous office) to discuss technical specifications. After we also received inputs from the IHF we chose the way to go – and history starte. Handball is the first sport that kids want to play at school because running, throwing and jumping are the three basic functions of the human body. Today we are proud to be in the club of ‘handball friends’.

Dr. Bruno Montanari, President of TRIAL s.r.l
‘25 years EHF’ is synonymous with 25 years of progress for handball. In Berlin in 1991, one of our sport’s biggest success stories began. The EHF has created the stage upon which club and national teams enthral. Handball reaches millions through competitions such as the EHF EURO – and this is a motor for further development. We look forward to our continued cooperation for the benefit of our sport.
Andreas Michelmann, President, German Handball Federation
The Finnish Handball Association is a proud member of the growing European handball family. The European Handball Federation has shown the way for our sport not only in Europe, but also across the whole handball world. All Finnish handball players and sports enthusiasts wish the EHF a very happy 25th anniversary and every success in the coming years.
Jari Henttonen, President, Finnish Handball Association
EHF and Salming Sports were founded the same year - 1991. 25 years later, in the year of EHF's 25th anniversary we embark on an exciting journey together. At Salming we are honoured and at the same time super excited to be a small piece in the European handball puzzle, adding excitement to our beloved sport. Handball is touching the heart of so many people across Europe, not only in the shape and form of highly entertaining top level handball, played in huge arenas broadcast live, it is also bringing people together – teaching the young generation about the value of teamwork and team spirit.
Tomas Solin – Managing Director - Salming Sports AB
The Malta Handball Association congratulates the European Handball Federation on its 25th Anniversary. The EHF has been a catalyst in the development of handballl through its various programmes. Malta says a big 'thank you' to the EHF for its constant assistance.
Louis Borg, President, Malta Handball Federation
Portugal is a proud founder member of the EHF and has followed its successful path along the years. It is with great joy that we remember the EHF events we organised, such as the first Men’s European Championship in 1994 and the YAC 16 Beach Handball EURO 2016 among others. Since the very beginning, our wish is to be active partners in European handball in close partnership with the EHF and to continue our work towards the development of handball. The future can only confirm this wish. Happy Birthday to the EHF and all its members!

Miguel Laranjeiro, President, Handball Federation Portugal
Our sincerest congratulations to the EHF on their 25th anniversary. One of the major achievements of the EHF, in our view, is the FINAL4 in Cologne which attracts people every year from all over, even from our small country. What an event! The relationship between us has always been very friendly in the past. Unfortunately, due to the smallness of our country and the necessary facilities, we were never able to organize an EHF event, be it a tournament or a congress. We look forward to a continuously fruitful cooperation with the EHF in order to strengthen and develop our sport further, especially in our country. Happy birthday EHF!
Uschi Bodenmann, President, Liechtenstein Handball Federation
As the new official supplier to the EHF for portable handball goals, I can honestly say it's a privilege and an honour to be working alongside an organisation which shares our passion for sport. We look forward to a productive collaboration between us to help make handball more accessible with the use of our ultra portable goals. From everyone at QUICKPLAY, we would like to wish the EHF a very happy 25th birthday!
Steve Crosby, Chairman, Quickplay Sport
Through the fortunate support of the City of Vienna and the Austrian Olympic Committee, in 1991 the EHF succeeded in bringing the seat of the organisation to Vienna. Through the work of the EHF, handball has developed enormously both in public perception and quality in recent years. Through the presentation of our sport at European Championships or the Champions League FINAL4, the EHF managed to establish handball as a premium European sport. We all wish a successful future for our sport of handball.

Gerhard Hofbauer, President, Austrian Handball Federation
Founded in 1991 with more or less only one person in an office with a desk and a chair, the EHF made a tremendous development in the last 25 years. EHF and EHFM pushed the European Championships and the Champions League to an extraordinary level, and established a high professional administration in Vienna. I am convinced that the European handball family will master the challenges of the next 25 years and improve the status of handball in a changing society and media world.
Frank Bohmann, President European Professional Handball Leagues Association
The sport of handball has developed greatly since 1991 – not only internationally but especially in Europe under the guidance of the EHF. We have always been able to rely on the EHF to provide optimum working conditions for the media and AIPS is extremely honoured to have EHF as one of our official partners. The partnership is cemented in the yearly “Media Get Together” jointly organised by the EHF, AIPS Handball Commission and the city of Cologne. Congratulations on the silver anniversary of one of Europe’s most dynamic sports federations!

Gianni Merlo, President, International Sports Press Association
The EHF has led the way in promoting handball to a global audience. Over the last years MP & Silva managed to involve new broadcaster and consolidate the number of more traditional broadcast partners, all resulting into a significant year on year increases in the number of hours showing the sport across multiple territories. MP & Silva is proud of its strong relationship with the EHF and looks forward to strengthening this partnership with the view to taking the distribution and the awareness of European handball events to the next level. The future looks immensely positive for handball and its fans.
Roberto Dalmiglio, Chief Commercial Officer, MP & Silva
With its breathtaking athleticism, gripping intensity, lightning-fast break and unmatched team spirit, handball is rightly poised to continue growing in popularity across the world. VELUX Group is looking forward to sharing this journey with the EHF, and we will continue to highlight the drive, passion, teamwork and positive values that VELUX Group shares with the sport. Handball has a great future, and VELUX Group will be there to share the excitement with the fans.
Michael Rasmussen, Senior VP Brand, the VELUX Group
Thanks to the EHF, European handball has become a role model for handball worldwide. Now, in order to further promote and develop our sport, we have to work on ideas how to make our sport more attractive and how to reach our target groups. I look forward to a continuous fruitful and productive collaboration between IHF and the EHF to further develop our sport.
Dr. Hassan Moustafa, President, International Handball Federation
It has been a great honour for us to accompany and support the EHF for 25 years of development and growth. Jointly, we have delivered both spectacular sports moments and strong commercial success. And the future looks equally promising: European handball is on the right path to master digital opportunities, access new markets and engage more and more fans around the world. Our Infront and broader Wanda Sports team truly lives and breathes handball – sharing the passion of our EHF colleagues for the sport.
Philippe Blatter, President & CEO of Wanda Sports and Infront Sports & Media
We have enjoyed a longstanding and valuable cooperation with the EHF with Taraflex floors playing an integral part in the development and promotion of the sport over many years. The EHF is a great benchmark for all handball organisations and as the sport continues to excel, Gerflor anticipates a lasting collaboration with an organisation that places creativity and innovation at the fore.
Pierre Lienhard, International Operations Director Lionel Arlin, Sport Federations and Events Manager