EHF Congress 2018 goes to Scotland

The EHF Congress 2018 will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland on 21/22 June 2018. The Polish Handball Federation withdrew its bid to host the 2018 event, leaving the Scottish Handball Federation as the only applicant.

It is the first time an EHF Congress takes place in Great Britain.

The Scottish federation's Secretary General Stephen Neilson thanked the Congress for their unanimous vote in favour of Edinburgh and promised that the Scottish federation would deliver a Congress at the highest standards.

He added - with a smile on his face - that the Congress would include "beautiful summer sunsets, if we have a summer", "kilts and bravehearts", even though he could not guarantee Mel Gibson actually making an appearance, "some whisky" and a "taste of the Scottish cuisine including haggis".

"We are looking forward to welcoming you," Neilson said.