Meet the candidate: Chairman Methods Commission

For the EHF Methods Commission, there is only one candidate, the current chairman, Jerzy Eliasz from Poland. Here he explains why is candidating again for the position:

Jerzy Eliasz (POL)

Question 1. Tell us about yourself, your professional background and experience in handball.

I was educated at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, where I completed my master in Physical Education (1982) and doctor thesis on the field of biomechanics (1995).

After studying I started my professional carrier in the Institute of Sport and after several years I moved to Polish Aero-Space Institute of Aviation Medicine.

In 2002 I joined the Polish Handball Federation as Secretary General and Sports Director. After three years I left the federation to work for the Ministry of Sport. In 2013 I came back to PHF as a Sports Director. In period 2008 – 2012 I was the EHF Delegate and the Methods Commission member. Since 2012 I have been the EHF Methods Commission Chairman. 

For many years I have been working as handball coach, also with the Polish men’s national handball team. I speak English, Russian and Polish, of course. During my scientific career I published over 100 scientific papers, original works, reviews, comments, and methodical lectures concerning handball skills, sport biomechanics, theory of sport and strength training methods in handball. 

Question 2. What motivated you to stand for this position within the EHF Executive and why do you think you should be elected?

After four years as a member of EHF Methods Commission, in 2012 I was elected as chairman of this EHF body for next period (2012 – 2016). According the EHF Statutes, as the Methods Commission Chairman, I am also a member of the Executive Committee.

The following achievements of the Methods Commission should be mentioned: 

  • implementation of the coaches licensing system which is strictly connected with educational levels, defined in EHF RINCK Convention;
  • development of support programmes for the national federation: Foster, Smart, ISP and Short-term projects;
  • organisation of scientific conferences as a common theoretical and practical platform for coaches, medical stuff, researchers, etc;
  • promotion of wheelchair handball and Goalcha activities;
  • publication of different teaching materials on the EHF website and social media

Question 3. If elected, what will you seek to achieve in your position, as part of the EHF Executive Committee and for handball?

If I will be elected for the next four-year period, as the EHF Methods Commission Chairman, I would like to:

  • spread the idea of coaches’ education according to European standards in the framework of RINCK Convention, also for non-signatories NF
  • offer the coaches a uniform educational concept, giving the NFs the opportunity to organise courses, conferences, seminars or clinic for coaches, supported by the EHF lecturers as well as different materials (e.g. balls, goals, bips, etc.)
  •  fully implemented coaches’ licensing system, also for YAC
  •  activate the EHF Health Science Network/Forum, in order to comprehensive attempt to players’ career (with physical, mental, social, health and environmental factors)
  •  maintain the support programmes for national federations, both developed and developing
  •  promote all handball activities (wheelchair, Goalcha, mini handball, etc.)
Candidate for Chairman of the EHF Methods Commission: Jerzy Eliasz (POL)