Motions at EHF Congress 2016

The EHF Congress 2016 has dealt with a number of motions on Friday in St. Wolfgang, Austria. The motions had been submitted by the EHF, the Austrian Handball Federation and the Norwegian Handball Federation

1) Gender representatives - extension to legal bodies (submitted by the EHF)

The EHF proposed that the principle of gender representation agreed at the EHF Congress in Monaco for the Executive Committee and technical commissions also be extended to the federation’s legal bodies.

A majority of 95,7 per cent voted in favour of the motion, meaning that a gender representative will be added to the EHF Court of Handball and the EHF Court of Appeal in case one gender is not represented.

The Court of Handball would then consist of ten (instead of nine), the Court of Appeal of eight (instead of seven members) 

2a/b) Composition of list of arbitrators / Stakeholder representation EHF Court of Arbitration Council (submitted by the EHF)

Motions 2a and 2b dealt with changes to the nomination procedures to the EHF Court of Arbitration (ECA). The proposed changes would allow recognised stakeholders (clubs, leagues and players) to nominate arbitrators and, in a second part to the motion, enable the Professional Handball Board to propose one of the three members oft he EHF Court of Arbitration Council (ECC).

89,8 per cent of the Congress voted in favour of motion 2a, 85,7 per cent voted in favour of motion 2b which meant that both motions were accepted.

3) Comprehensive representation in handball (submitted by the EHF)

The final motion from the EHF proposed a change to ensure a comprehensive representation of all interests within Europe – specifically all regions and performance levels – with the EHF Executive given the remit to nominate two further members in case regions/performance levels are not represented.

This motion was withdrawn.

4) Age limit for elections (submitted by the Austrian Handball Federation)

This motion from the Austrian Handball Federation asked Congress to approve an increase in the age limits for election. The proposal would increase the age limit for election to the Executive Committee from 68 to 72.

64,6 per cent of Cnogress voted in favour of the motion, but it did not receive the necessary 2/3 majority, meaning the motion was rejected.

5) Promoting gender equality in handball

This motion was put forward by the Norwegian Handball Federation and aims to promote gender equality in handball. It proposes that any EHF body consisting of two to four members should have both genders represented and that in any body of more than five members both genders must be represented by a minimum of two persons. 

78,7 per cent of the Congress voted in favour of the motion, meaning that it was accepted.