Special individual awards for contributions to the EHF

The dedication and service of a number of individuals was recognised at the conclusion to the Congress. The awarding was presided over by the Vice President, Arne Elovsson.

Wolfgang Gremmel

As an international referee for more than 10 years and European delegate since 1999, Wolfgang Gremmel made a name for himself first on court before his election as an EHF comptroller in 2004.

Since this time he had been the ‘leading comproller’ of both the EHF and EHF Marketing GmbH. In his native Germany he has been active on both a technical and sport-political level for many years.

Sandor Andorka

A former international referee, Sandor Andorka was the member responsible for refereeing and represented Europe in the IHF-PRC. He has also been very active on a technical level in his home country of Hungary.

Helga Magnusdottir

Hailing from Iceland, Helga Magnusdottir, has been a member of the Competitions Commission with responsibility for women’s handball and has been a member of the EHF Executive Committee for the past four years – in fact the first woman to sit on the EHF Executive. She has been a match delegate and representative for the EHF at numerous events in the past.

Leopold Kalin

A former top professional player, Leopold Kalin has given many years of service to both the EHF and the Slovenian Handball Federation.

He has been chairman of the Competitions Commission since 2012 and is also a highly experience delegate and representative at numerous EHF EURO and EHF FINAL4 events. His award was presented by the EHF’s senior competitions manager, Markus Glaser.